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Gut Health 101 | The Dawn of Digestive Problems

August 25, 2015

Gut Health | Digestion Problems | Rosy Cheeks Project

It is impossible to be in perfect health with poor digestion.

More than 20 million Canadians suffer from digestive disorders every year. The most common of digestive problems are chronic constipation, excessive gas and bloating, diarrhea, heartburn and acid reflux, and food intolerances. While digestive diseases are extremely common and may seem negligible at times, digestive disease is not a matter to be taken lightly.

Digestion is an intimate process that transforms raw materials into substances that supply your body with the nutrients necessary for survival

The future of medicine lies in the wisdom of our ancestors.

Hunter gatherers who forage food for survival approach food in a rather different way than most of us do today.
1) They eat whole and natural foods that undergo very little change from when it was alive until the time it is consumed.
2) The way in which food is consumed fosters a harmonious inner state that facilitates the healthy process of digestion.

In the industrialized society that we live in now, it’s unreasonable to live the way our ancestors did. However, there are things you can do to foster healthier eating habits.
1) Buy local produce, support local farmers and minimize our environmental footprint
2) Take 30 mins out to sit down and concentrate on eating and nothing else
3) Chew

As a crack in the gas tank will quickly run out of fuel needed to run a moving vehicle, a damaged gut lining will rapidily lose its ability to assimilate and absorb nutrients to sustain energy for the body

Digestive ailments can range from small discomforts in the stomach to excruciating pain that affects not only the abdomen but the entire body system.

Impaired Digestion Symptoms | Do you experience any of these symptoms?

  • excessive gas, belching or burping after meals
  • sluggishness after eating
  • foggy brain
  • abdominal bloating, distension
  • indigestion or sourness 2-3 hours after eating
  • burning sensation in stomach
  • craving for meat

Below are some of the most common digestive disorders that 20 million Canadian face each year.

  • Leaky gut – Autoimmune Disease
  • Celiac
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Irritable Bowel Disease
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Candida
  • Food Intolerance
  • Heartburn + Acid Reflux

Common Causes of Digestive Problems
Diet Induced – chronic gut irritation from food allergies, overeating, high alcohol intake
Emotional Induced – stress, nervousness, irritability, overtired

Digestive disorders do not discriminate. They affect people of all ages.
With changes in lifestyle choices and proper nutrition, 42% of digestive disease can be prevented.

Why not start with gut healthy recipes that will compliment your journey to better digestive health! Check out my delicious fruit and herb infused water recipes for better digestion here!

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