Toronto’s New Healthy Food Delivery Service: Culiniste | Product Review

July 5, 2015
As a holistic foodie, I’m very conscious of how my meals are prepared and where the ingredients come from. In an ideal world, I would shop at the local farmers markets and cook at home every night. Of course, this is easily said than done. Sometimes, even taking the time to buy groceries can be very challenging, let alone prepping and cooking at home after a long day out. This is where food delivery services like Culiniste is perfect for time-tied urbanites who enjoy cooking at home without the hassle of grocery shopping and meal prepping.
Culiniste Review, Culiniste Discount Code| Rosy Cheeks Project

What is Culiniste?

A better way to cookCuliniste delivers fresh ingredients with new recipes every week. There are 6 new recipes to choose from each week. There is no time commitment and deliveries can be skipped any time. They also offer vegetarian and gluten-free friendly options. Culiniste places a strong emphasis on delivering meals that are between 500-700 calories.While I don’t believe in counting calories (because I believe the quality of the calories is much more important than the actual number of calories), I do appreciate their cautious effort in delivering lean meals that comprises of complex carbs, clean protein, and healthy fats for a satiating, well-balanced meal.

Culiniste Review, Culiniste Discount Code| Rosy Cheeks ProjectEco-Friendly Company

The ingredients came in a cardboard box with thermal packaging and gel packs to keep things cool and fresh. I like how every item used for the packaging can be recycled. Even the gel packs are made of a natural solution that will not add environmental waste into the water system. A definite +1 for their eco-friendly efforts!
Culiniste Review, Culiniste Discount Code| Rosy Cheeks Project
Culiniste Review, Culiniste Discount Code| Rosy Cheeks Project

Top Quality Ingredients

Culiniste sources all their ingredients from local farmers in Ontario and Quebec. The raw ingredients are shipped out of a nearby distribution center that ensures optimal freshness and reduces the gap time from when the produce is harvested until it’s delivered.This means the ingredients are most likely fresher and more nutrient dense than what you’d get at the grocery store. Produce shipped to grocery stores are usually harvested prematurely to account for ripening in transit, and produce that is prematurely harvested results in loss of flavor and nutrients.
Culiniste Review, Culiniste Discount Code| Rosy Cheeks Project
I truly believe that it is the freshness and the quality of ingredients that distinguishes a good dish from an exceptional one. 
I could tell the Culinste ingredients were very fresh because the salmon’s simple seasoning of salt and pepper was enough to bring out its natural buttery-ness and melts-in-mouth texture. An indication of farm-fresh ingredients with superb flavors without the need for heavy seasoning and spices. 

Culiniste Review, Culiniste Discount Code| Rosy Cheeks ProjectWhat I would change about the Culiniste

Since the Culiniste focuses on providing healthy nutritious meals on top of convenience, I think they should introduce recipes that include healthier alternatives to traditional recipes. For example, I would have substituted the potato with lower Glycemic Index carbs that are high in fiber and protein like chickpeas or quinoa.
Culiniste Review, Culiniste Discount Code| Rosy Cheeks ProjectCuliniste Review, Culiniste Discount Code| Rosy Cheeks Project

My Overall Experience

I think Culiniste provides a great deal of convenience and time saved for those with busy schedules. It took me around 45 minutes to prep and cook the entire meal which really didn’t take much time at all. It is also a fun experience for couples or for parents and their kids to spend time in the kitchen together. 
For novice cookers, Culiniste is like your personal grocery shopper and kitchen helper. It takes the headache out of grocery shopping which can be overwhelming for new cooks, introduces you to simple recipes that can be easily replicated on your own. For seasoned home cooks, Culiniste pushes you to try new recipes, venture with unfamiliar cuisines and experiment with new ingredients. If you’re looking to cut a break from your usual dinner menu, improve your cooking skills, skip your grocery shopping this week and try Culiniste next week.

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