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June 12, 2015

In an earlier blog, I wrote about the importance of using clean, natural, organic skincare products (you can read about it here). Today, I will talk about my natural, organic skincare regime and the products I personally use every day.

A brand that I’ve fallen in love with is a local Ontario skincare line called Skin Essence Organics. Why I love it? Because I’ve never seen such dramatic improvements in my skin with any products I’ve ever tried until I switched over to Skin Essence Organics.

My Skin Type

I have combination skin. Oily T-Zones which are usually my acne-prone areas but dry cheeks. That’s why I usually look for products that thoroughly cleanses my face to prevent breakouts while providing a good amount of moisture and hydration at the same time.

Skin Essence Organics Fresh Facial Cleanser

Skin Essence Organics Review | Facial Set | Rosy Cheeks Project

Why I like the Skin Essence Fresh Facial Cleanser

It leaves a minty fresh feeling on my face. My face feels very clean as if it can breathe again but at the same time it doesn’t make my face feel dry and dehydrated like other cleansers do.

How it makes my skin feel

Rich and thick gel-like cleanser with soft micro beads that lightly exfoliates my skin.

How my skin has changed since using Skin Essence Fresh Facial Cleanser

I used to get breakouts once every week or so but now my skin has cleared tremendously and seldom get breakouts anymore.

SuperIngredients in the Skin Essence Fresh Facial Cleanser

Vegetable Glycerin*, Saponified Oils of Coconut*, Sunflower*, and Castor*, Arrowroot Powder*, Witch Hazel Extract*, Coconut oil*, Lemongrass Oil*, Coriander seed Oil*, Rosemary Leaf Extract*, Peppermint Oil*, Citric Acid, Xanthan Gum
(*Certified Organic)

Witch Hazel Extract is an astringent that helps to cleanse the skin while the Coconut Oil and Rosemary Leaf extract helps to tone and hydrate.

Skin Essence Neroli Facial Moisturizer for Dry and Aging Skin

Skin Essence Organics Review | Facial Set | Rosy Cheeks Project

Why I like the Skin Essence Neroli Facial Moisturizer

At the Yoga Conference where I sampled the Skin Essence products, I tried all four moisturizers that were available (Neroli, Nourish, Light, Soothe). They were all oil based serums that really hydrated the skin without leaving it oily.

The reason I chose Neroli is because I have pretty dry and dull skin (except for my T-Zones) and Neroli felt the most nourishing out of all of them. To prepare myself for the long harsh winters here in Toronto, something as moisturizing as Neroli is needed. I would recommend using something lighter like Nourish or Light for the Summer and Fall and Neroli for Winter and Spring.

How it feels

Smooth, creamy-textured serum that smoothes and softens my skin. The serum is absorbed within minutes and leaves my skin looking plump and rejuvenated.

How my skin has changed since using Skin Essence Neroli Facial Moisturizer

There’s more vibrancy and life to my skin. Acne scars and spots have faded. Oil balance is my skin has also improved (not having to deal with oily T-Zones is awesome!) I’ve also noticed the speed at which my skin cells regenerate has improved a lot.

SuperIngredients In the Skin Essence Neroli Facial Moisturizer

Jojoba Seed Oil*, Rosehip Seed Oil*, Macadamia Nut Oil*, Apricot Kernel Oil*, Orange Oil*, Kukui Nut Oil, Neroli Flower Oil*, Jasmine oil*, Evening Primrose Oil*, Tocopherol (Vitamin-E)*, Zinc Oxide (Non-Nano) 
(*Certified Organic)

Rosehip Seed Oil are oils extracted from the seeds of roses. It’s great for healing scars, burns, and reducing fine lines. It also rejuvenate skin cells and heals broken capillaries.  Neroli Flower Oil regulates oil and minimizes large pores while clearing acne. Contains high levels of Vitamin C that regenerates cells and stimulates collagen production.

Skin Essence Facial In A Jar Exfoliant and Softening Mask

Skin Essence Organics Review | Facial Set | Rosy Cheeks Project

Why I like the Skin Essence Facial In A Jar Exfoliant and Softening Mask

The exfoliant is a jar of powder that you dilute out with water. I like that I can adjust the level of graininess depending on how much or how little water I put in.

How it feels

Like a grainy green tea powder – The exfoliant powder is finer than most exfoliators. It’s less abrasive than most beaded exfoliators which are great for people who have sensitive skin.

SuperIngredients In the Skin Essence Facial In A Jar Exfoliant and Softening Mask

Oat Powder*, Marshmallow Root Powder*, Jasmine Flowers*, White Kaolin Clay, Stevia Leaf Powder*, Corn Meal*, Green Tea Extract*
(*Certified Organic)

Marshmallow Root Powder contains high concentrations of antioxidants Vitamin A and C. It’s great for calming and softening the skin, reducing inflammations and diminishes blemishes. White Khaolin Clay is known to be one of the mildest clays for sensitive skin while helping to draw impurities out of the pores without removing natural oils

Skin Essence Ocular (Eye Serum)

Skin Essence Organics Review | Ocular Eye Serum | Rosy Cheeks Project

Why I like the Skin Essence Skin Essence Ocular (Eye Serum)

This works well with reducing puffiness and the dark circles under my eyes.

How it feels

A light oil-based serum that nourishes the skin around my eyes, leaving it soft and supple.

SuperIngredients In the Skin Essence Ocular (Eye Serum)

Rosehip Seed Oil*, Jojoba Seed Oil*, Hemp Seed Oil*, Borage Seed Oil*, Apricot Kernel Oil*, Nettle Leaf Extract*, Olive Oil*, Kukui Nut Oil, Blue Chamomile Oil*, Tocopherol (Vitamin-E), Zinc Oxide (Non-Nano)
(*Certified Organic)

Again, Rosehip Seed Oil trumps the ingredients list here. Helping with skin cell rejuvenation, healing of scars and blemishes. Tocopherol (Vitamin E) helps with strengthening the skin’s capillary walls and protecting the eye’s sensitive skin barrier.


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