Wild Rose D-Tox Review

December 24, 2014

I went on a 12-day detox and really want to share my experience with you. It’s a pretty popular detox kit called Wild Rose D-Tox which includes three types of herbal pills and a tincture.

Herbal Pills and Tincture


… is an herbal formula that stimulate bile production. Necessary for proper digestion, emulsify dietary fats, and enhance absorption. It also helps to decrease cholesterol buildup in the gallbladder.


… provides a natural cleansing or ‘laxative’ effect. Formulated to minimize bowel movements and stimulates elimination.


…formulated to cleanse the bloodstream, muscle tissue, and lymphatic system of toxic waste, and metabolic by-products.

CL Herbal Extract Tincture

… has diuretic properties to aid elimination of toxins through the urinary system and also acts as a urinary tract disinfectant.

Detox Review

The detox is a

  • 12 day program

  • required to take herbal supplements and tincture everyday

  • follow a 20 acid 80 alkaline diet

    • the program gives you a list of foods you can and can not eat

    • and don’t fret, cause there’s actually a lot you can eat!

What I like about the detox is that it doesn’t deprive you of food.

Instead, it helps you transition to a healthier diet. I follow a pretty clean diet, mostly a whole foods, plant-based diet with fish every other day. I try to reduce my sugar intake as much as possible and never cook with refined sugar. I would at most use natural sweeteners like agave or honey.

Given that I started out with a pretty clean diet, I didn’t think following the diet rules would be that difficult. Although there were some items I ate often that were on the prohibitied list so those were a bit challenging for me to cut out. For example, oranges, mushrooms, dried fruit, just to name a few.

Prohibited foods:

  • Dairy

  • Wheat

  • Sugar (any type of sweeteners)

  • Alcohol

  • Mushrooms

  • Tropical fruits (For example mango, pineapple, banana that are fruits high in sugar)

  • Pickled food

  • Dried fruit

  • All Nuts (except almonds)

  • Vinegar

  • Seafood (not including fish)

Detox Challenges

While I already eat a pretty clean diet that pretty much follows the 20/80 acid alkaline diet, I still experienced some challenges.

1. Sugar!

Everyone loves sugar and is probably addicted to it without noticing. Did you know sugar is 10x more addictive than cocaine?

Not until I went on the detox did I notice how and where inconspicuously sugar sneaks into my diet. For example, normally I would eat salads with home-made salad dressing that would have a bit of honey or agave. But on this diet, I literally just used olive oil on my salads.

2. Dried Fruits

I always add dried cranberries and raisins to my salads. Or I would eat trail mix with dried fruits + nuts as a snack. The dried berries have very high concentrations of fructose which is probably why it’s prohibited on this diet. But yes, this was a tough one for me.

3. Dairy

Maybe once a week I would get a latte or something to treat myself. Nope, not while I’m detoxing. Dairy products like milk is very satiating and filling to the stomach. This was another toughie for me during my detox.

How I felt Before, During, and After the Detox

Before the Detox:
  • fatigue at times

  • brain fog

  • poor food digestion

  • junk food cravings

During the Detox:
  • sugar cravings

  • extremely good and regular bowel movements every morning when I wake up (cause of Laxaherb)

  • experienced sharp pains at the side of my stomach during the first 3 days of detoxing

  • energy levels gradually improved

  • started to break out around the 4th day

  • sugar cravings started to subside by around the 7th day

  • break outs started to fade around the 10th day

Wild Rose D-Tox Review | Rosy Cheeks Project

Sorry you had to see this. It’s not a pleasant sight. Yes..I know.

After the Detox:

I felt so rejuvenated and full of energy after the detox!

What I got most out of the detox: decrease in SUGAR CRAVINGS

As I said previously, my standard diet is atypical of the Standard North American Diet. I eat a pretty clean and mostly a plant-based diet. Eat organic, GMO as much as I can.

However, I do love adding “healthy” sugars and natural sweeteners like agave nectar, raw honey, or maple syrup to my drinks or food. From being absolutely absent of sugar for 12 days, it made me more aware of what has sugar and what doesn’t. I started to notice that it’s pretty much impossible to avoid sugar, especially if I’m eating out. I couldn’t even go get a soup at the food court cause I’m 100% some type of sweetener was added.

After the detox, my sugar cravings have gone down tremendously! Although I do have my sweets here and there, I prefer and also enjoy a sugar-free meal at most times!

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying I am going to eliminate sugar out 100%. If I tried to do that, I would probably drive myself insane. But it’s also nice to know that I can enjoy food just as much without adding excessive amounts of flavoring. I pride myself in knowing that my taste buds have the ability to taste savouryness, sweetness, sourness, and bitterness in its most natural, purest form.

Practical Tips for a Successful Detox

Wild Rose D-Tox Review | Rosy Cheeks Project

This is such a random picture of me with a dog in a tuxedo but it’s the most recent picture I took right after the detox.

1. Be Patient

It’s perfectly normal to feel like crap the first few days of your detox. That’s cause your body is eliminating toxins out of your body which may tax your kidney and livers a little more than usual. This could lead to symptoms like dizziness and headaches. But suck it up and pull through it for the first couple days. I guarantee by the 4th or 5th day, you’ll feel great.

2. Stay Strong and Don’t Give Up

I did the cleanse right before Christmas, so there were many many temptations I had to restrain myself from. From chocolates to alcohol to cookies and biscuits, you name it! Always remind yourself to stay commited and determined to NOT CHEAT. Because who are you really cheating at the end of the day? Yourself! Who’s going to reap the benefits or suffer the losses? You!

3. Timing

Pick a good time of the year to do the cleanse.

For me, I did it right before Christmas because I wanted to clean my body before my trip – which I thought was an excellent idea. I ended up eating a bunch of junk immediately after the detox while I was travelling – so all my detox efforts kind of went to waste. So, plan out your detox schedule accordingly and make sure whatever plans you have before or after the detox won’t affect the overall success and effectiveness of the cleanse.

4. Food Preparation

Meal planning was a bit of an issue for me.

The first week was fine, I made different meals every other day. By the second week I got lazy and the variation of meals just got boring. I repeated everything I ate the first week and lost creativity.

So make sure you plan you meals well ahead of time so you don’t get bored and sick of eating the same thing over and over again every day like I did!

There are actually a lot of different recipes online you can follow for this detox plan. Wild Rose feature a number of recipes on their website that you can follow.

5. Have a Good Moral Support System

Let people who you interact with everyday know that you’re on a cleanse.

I find diet plans work the best when you have a good support system. It doesn’t help that your friend eats a poutine while you slowly eat your way through a quinoa salad, does it? If your friends knew (and if they were good friends), they would probably be considerate and not torture you by tempting you with junk food.

Who should do it?

Quite honestly, anyone could benefit from this.

But specifically.. it’d be great for

  • someone who needs to revitalize their body with nutrients

  • someone who’s sick of feeling tired and fatigue all the time

  • or someone who wants an internal reset and get rid of the chemicals and toxins that are causing minor health problems

Top Benefits of this Detox:

  • Helps you stay on track to a healthy streak and remove bad eating habits

  • Change your perception of ‘bad food’. Junk food that used to taste good is now a thing of the past. You would actually prefer to eat whole foods rather than processed foods.

  • Higher senstiivity in your taste buds – you can actually taste and appreciate natural flavors – how amazing is that!

  • Higher energy levels

  • Feel cleaner and lighter

  • Really good internal cleansing (oh yeah – my bowels were cleaned out pretty darn well)

Would I recommend this detox?

Absolutely! 100%.

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